Sample Trip Schedules

Follow these links for information about the type of trips we do:

Please note that these sample schedules have to be read in conjunction with the 
Trip Rules, COC Trip Ratings  and General Trip Information  sections of our website.

You will also find useful information in our  Tips for Trips  and  Equipment  sections. Once you are a COC member you can consult our Trip Catalog for detailed information about some of our trips.

To access our current, active schedule please become a club member. You will then be able to access the full trip schedule including dates, meeting places and contact information located in the  Members Only  section of this website.

"To try us out" you can join a trip as a "guest" without becoming a member. In order to join as a "guest", you must fill out and sign a waiver form that you must bring to the trip meeting point. If you are interested, please contact  Membership for further information.