Trip Ratings

Hiking and Scrambling:
Class 1 Trail Hiking: Well-maintained park trails or unofficial human/ game trails.
Class 2 Off Trail Hiking: May include bushwhacking and/ or ridge walks having steep sections, rocky outcrops, scree slopes and possible exposure. You may have to use your hands.
Class 3 Scrambling: Unroped climbing on high-angled slopes. You must use your hands most of the time. Terrain may include moderate cliffs, large rocks, steep snow slopes and exposure.

Round Trip Distance:
Short: Up to 10 km
Moderate: 10 – 20 km
Long: Over 20 km. Stamina is required.

Elevation Gain:
Minimal: Up to 1,000 feet
Moderate: 1,000 – 3,000 feet
Demanding: Over 3,000 feet

Long day: Over 8 hours of hiking.
Long drive: More than 2 hours one-way.
Exploratory: Coordinator has not previously hiked the route.

Ski and Snowshoe Classification:
Track-Set Skiing: Groomed trails (locally, Allison-Chinook in the Crowsnest Pass or Syncline in the West Castle Area). Note: Hilly terrain; good downhill control is required.
Back Country Touring: Off trail involving elevation gain. Steel-edged skis, skins and sturdy boots required. Good downhill control needed. May involve climbing and descending moderately steep slopes.
Back Country Touring on Telemark and Alpine Gear: Outings may involve up to 3,000 feet of elevation gain overall. Good technical ability required. Equipment must include skins and avalanche gear.
Snowshoeing: Usually off trail with some elevation gain.